Coral Nursery Theory and Techniques 

Coral nurseries are one of the most basic, but most important techniques for coral reef restoration. Coral nurseries are used to rehabilitate broken or damaged corals, grow feedstock for restoration work, preserve biodiversity, and much more. Through this course, participants will learn all they need to know in order to build or maintain coral nurseries using several different techniques.



  • Be certified as an advanced diver under a leading diving organization (PADI, SSI, etc) (must include at least 1 deep dive)
  • Demonstrate proper diving ability at an Advanced Level and be proficient in buoyancy and self-awareness.
  • Be certified in the Ecological Monitoring Program


  • Understand the threats to coral reefs, the factors affecting coral growth, and the basics of coral reef restoration
  • Understand coral life cycles, the ecological differences between the asexual and sexual reproductive cycles in corals, and the importance of maintaining high biodiversity on the reef.
  • Understand the history and evolution of coral restoration techniques as well as local standards (do’s and don’ts)
  • Understand the theory behind the use of coral nurseries as well as the practical application of locally and internationally developed techniques
  • Perform the practical steps maintaining a coral nursery
  • Perform a monitoring dive to take data on the health, growth, and diversity of a coral nursery


  • Attend the coral nursery knowledge development session
  • Attend 3 dive briefings
  • Perform 3 dives at the coral nurseries (1) collect coral fragments and secure to the nursery (at least 2 nursery types) (2) perform maintenance and cleaning (3) collect data on growth rates, mortality, and diversity

Expected Course Duration: 12 hours, over 3 days

Minimum of 3 dives

Price $185.00

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