Mooring Line Maintenance and Installation Course

Over the years, many mooring lines have been installed around Little Corn Island for dive sites, however to the remote location of the island, often passing boat and shipping vessels will remove the lines in order re-use the rope and bouys for themselves. Sadly this means that they rarely last very long. Therefore we will not be installing any more Mooring Lines until we have raised the funds needed to buy proper anchored chain lines that cant be easily removed without underwater welding. To this end, this course at Azul Conservation is a dry course, conducted on land, which teaches students the assembly and installation techniques required to install mooring lines so that they can take this knowledge anywhere they go.


In order to start the course, students must:

  • Hold an advanced diver certification from a leading diving organization such as PADI or SSI.
  • Be 12 years of age or over
  • Be self-aware in the water and demonstrate proficient in buoyancy

What the course involves

Students will learn the various planning theories and techniques reef managers use when they conduct marine zoning. Depending on these zones, different mooring lines, ropes, knots and anchors have to be selected based on ocean conditions and expected load on the mooring. Students will learn have to construct the various parts of different mooring systems to ensure they are fit for purpose and course no damage to the reef. As part of this they will need to master eight different knots used in the installation


The course requires no dives


The course includes 1 knowledge development presentation:

  • Mooring Line Maintenance and Installation

Students must demonstrate the ability to tie all 8 knots and pass the Mooring Line Maintenance and Installation exam

For full details on the course please visit the Conservation Diver website to view the Standards and Requirements

Expected Course Time: about 3 hours

No dives

Price: $25.00

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