Sea Turtle Ecology and Population Studies

Of the 7 different species of sea turtle that exist today, all are on the endangered species list, with populations of some reduced by 98%. Numbers of both nesting and observed sea turtles on dives is decreases in all areas. Through monitoring populations, divers are able to form an effective citizen science scheme to identify individuals and monitor of sea turtle populations around the globe.


In order to star the course, student must:

  • Hold an advanced diver certification from a leading diving organization such as PADI or SSI.
  • Be 12 years of age or over
  • Be self-aware in the water and demonstrate proficient in buoyancy

What the course involves

Student will learn about the evolutionary history, ecology and threats to sea turtles, as well as observational and anatomical ways to identify species and individuals. They will be learn how to conduct surveys to record abundance and biodiversity of sea turtles on local reefs and practice recording data for those observed and managing this within the database.


Student are required to perform 1 night dive and conduct sea turtle monitoring.


Students must attend 1 Sea Turtle Ecology and Population Studies presentation and record data on sea turtle observations into the database.

For full details on the course please visit the Conservation Diver website to view the Standards and Requirements



Expected Course Time: about 4 hours, over 1 day

Minimum of 1 dive

Price: $99.00

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